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Perhaps you from small heating was used to perform activities or warming up before exercising. At the time of first school we are taught to warm up first before getting into sports practice lessons in the field. At least we were told to jog around the field or around the streets outside the school. When the gym early in the morning along with any movement would warm up exercises for those who come not too late.

There may be wondering why the heating should be done? what functions and benefits of warming up prior to heavy physical activity like sports? And various other questions which may not be answered until today. What is certain is very important to do warm up before exercise. Than sorry later because it does not heat up yourself, then do warm up even if only briefly.

A. Function / Benefit Warming Before Sports

Sports involving the movement of muscles, joints and bones in a large enough intensity. By doing so warm blood sport that is rich in nutrients and oxygen will flow to the muscles so it's ready to be driven harder work. While the usefulness or benefits of exercise itself is to strengthen muscles, bones, heart, lungs and the circulation of blood.

B. Type / Shape Heating The Quick and Easy

Heating or warming up can be done without the help of any tools and without cost, ie with light jogging, light aerobics, jog in place, and others. Enough to our body sweaty, hot and feeling quite heating approximately 5 to 15 minutes can be followed by muscle stretching or streching for a few minutes for your muscles more flexible to use later.

C. Effects, Impact, and Effect Not Doing Warming Sport

Without an adequate warm up before doing exercise a dominant activity moves the muscles, joints and bones can result in injury to muscles and joints injuries. Of course, the injury will greatly interfere with activities and may be very painful and need further medical treatment. Muscle injury can be a sprain, whiplash, sprains, muscle cramps, muscle pain, and so forth.

D. Stretching / Streching the Good and True

After warming up that makes a little sweat, then followed by muscle stretching or strenching. Both heating and stretching should be done in a lightweight, low-capacity not too excessive. If done excess can lead to joint injury. Do not let the sport has not been feeling tired or exhausted heavy. If it is done properly then the body will be ready to do sports activities. Then work out with joyous feelings without coercion and forget all the problems that exist.

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